The Here With Us Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation, started by two sisters, each having a son with autism, both who are young adults.

Our mission is to create or enhance any environment that will further the lives of young adults on the autism spectrum. We would like to see persons with autism living within their communities as any other individual. Whether that be a working environment or social environment. Our goal is to see these people side by side with all people. Accepted and respected.

We believe that those adults HERE WITH US should and will have a future that is full, with success and accomplishment.



HereWithUs Bronx Zoo Summer Travel Program

Here With Us partnered with Rise LIfe Services to create a Summer Travel Program. The first of many trips to come, we provided funding for entry while Rise LIfe Services provided transportation to the Bronx Zoo. The day was a huge success! We are planning new trips weekly and hope to continue this partnership year round.  Next up is the Long Island Aquarium! 


HereWithUs Winter ’20/’21 Food Drive



HereWithUs / The Butler Center Partnership / The Spirit of Huntington

Here With Us partnered with The Butler Center at the SJCC and The Spirit of Huntington Arts Center to create an Art Program. Individuals participate in a variety of art projects thru detailed instruction. Open to all people on and off the spectrum.

Checkout The Butler Center at the SJCC and The Spirit of Huntington.