Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

ON FEBRUARY 27th the Here with Us Foundation sponsored a trip to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City! The turnout was huge with over 65 individuals and 65 staff members – two FULL Jitney Buses! As you can see from the photo gallery, the group had an incredible time walking the hallowed halls of the museum and taking pictures with all the replica celebrities and athletes. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to provide a break from the regular day-to-day and provide these individuals the opportunity to get out and experience events and activities that we often take for granted. These memories are priceless and have our community buzzing long after the trip comes to an end. We appreciate any and all donations which help keep these events going!


Past Events

Ron Louie 2023 Invitational – Rock With Us!

On October 15th 2023, Here With Us threw an incredible fundraising event at the Warehouse in Amityville, Long Island. Over 160 attendees were treating to an afternoon of incredible musicians, tons of prizes and raffles, and countless laughs and libations. Proceeds will be used to further support the initiatives of the Here With Us Foundation, and events for our community in the coming year!


Mets vs Phillies

On June 1st 2023, over 80 of us visited CitiField for an exciting day of Mets vs Phillies!!! Thanks to your generous donations, Here With Us purchased all of the tickets for the participants and staff of RISE Life Services two locations in both Riverhead and Huntington. This was the first baseball game for many of the attendees and the weather could not have been better! As you can see from the photos, we had an amazing time and the joy and happiness of all involved was overwhelming! We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.


American Museum of Natural History

On November 18th 2023, 55 of us visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York City! Here With Us chartered a bus to make the trip as easy and seamless as possible. As you can imagine, it is an undertaking to get everyone to the big city and back, exploring the vast halls of this incredible museum along the way. It is an honor to help enrich the lives of these young adults with autism. As you can tell by the pics, we had an amazing time!


Ron Louie 2022 Invitational

On October 17th 2022, we braved wind and rain to honor Ron and help support the events and activities that Here With Us organizes all year long. We thank you all for your continued support!


HereWithUs Bronx Zoo Summer Travel Program

Summer 2022 Here With Us partnered with Rise LIfe Services to create a Summer Travel Program. The first of many trips to come, we provided funding for entry while Rise LIfe Services provided transportation to the Bronx Zoo. The day was a huge success! We are planning new trips weekly and hope to continue this partnership year round.  Next up is the Long Island Aquarium! 



Ron Louie 2021 Invitational

RON ENJOYED MANY PASSIONS IN LIFE, central to his heart and soul were family and friends. In his body and spirit: live music, softball, curling and near the top, golf. If you had had the pleasure of playing 18 holes with Ron, you’d have seen the quiet satisfaction he enjoyed from simply being out there upon expansive neatly manicured fields of green grass, the look of curiosity displayed as he mentally strategized tackling a given hole and the immense pleasure he took from unabashedly swinging away with all his might and smashing a golf ball rocketing straight down the fairway, sometimes to the right, but always far.

ON OCTOBER 4TH, over 100 golfers and attendees came out to support the Here With Us Foundation at the Windwatch Country Club. The event was a huge success and we thank all those who attended and contributed in various ways. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Ron at Bethpage Black 2017


HereWithUs Winter ’20/’21 Food Drive


HereWithUs / The Butler Center Partnership / The Spirit of Huntington

Here With Us partnered with The Butler Center at the SJCC and The Spirit of Huntington Arts Center to create an Art Program. Individuals participate in a variety of art projects thru detailed instruction. Open to all people on and off the spectrum.

Checkout The Butler Center at the SJCC and The Spirit of Huntington.